Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust winds up

24 July 2023

Over $106 million was available to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust fund projects to help the Canterbury region recover from the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The Trust has now paid out all funds raised, and interest earned, to projects. The Trustees wish to thank everyone in New Zealand and overseas who contributed to the Appeal.

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Why the Trust is winding up

The Trust stopped fundraising over ten years ago, all the project grants have been paid, and the Trust has no reason to exist.

The Trust had broad discretion to make grants provided that:

  • the distribution was in accordance with the charitable objects of the Trust.
  • the distribution was not under the direction of anyone else, including government.

The Trustees appointed an Advisory Board of community representatives to provide them with additional local perspectives and advice on specific proposals. The Trustees and the Advisory Board agreed six portfolio categories that are derived from the recognised classes of charitable purposes and acknowledge the intentions of donors:

  • Hardship/relief
  • Spiritual and faith
  • Sport and recreation
  • Education
  • Heritage and culture
  • Economic revitalisation
  • Environment

They developed general principles to guide funding allocation decisions:

  • Flexibility
  • Alignment
  • Community
  • Least burden
  • Present and future needs
  • Broad and targeted

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