14 March 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal: Tomorrow starts here

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal will channel funds into the heart of the Christchurch community, with seven core areas identified for support.

Mark Weldon, who is spearheading the appeal, said donations were beginning to grow, including money from the ‘Fill the Basin’ charity cricket match on Sunday.

The fund has already raised $8.5 million.

Prime Minister John Key today announced seven categories where the fund would invest to restore communities. They are: Hardship and Relief, Heritage and culture, Sport and Recreation, Education, Spiritual and Faith, Economic Revitalisation, Environment.

Mr Weldon said: “Tomorrow starts here. This is money that will go to the heart of Christchurch communities, on projects and services that can sometimes fall through the gaps, but that matter to individuals and families: rugby clubs, community halls, school equipment, churches, arts centres, marae, and cleaning up Christchurch’s beautiful parks and rivers.”

 “These things are essential for Christchurch. They are ways that New Zealanders, and the rest of the world, can make a real difference to the lives of the people of Christchurch.

“It is also important to be clear about where this money is not going to go: it is not for essential services like roads, bridges, and water systems that are the reserve of the government.

“This fund will receive donations and distribute them efficiently,” he said.