19 March 2011

Her Majesty donates to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has extended her support to the people of Christchurch through a donation to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

Mark Weldon, the Prime Minister's personal representative on the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, extended the Appeal’s thanks to Her Majesty for her generosity, through the Queen’s Charitable Trust.

“We are touched and grateful that the Queen has extended her support in this way,” Mr Weldon said.

“Earlier this week, Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton nominated the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal as one of a small group of charities in their Royal Wedding charitable gift fund. We thank the Royal Family for their support.”

“The people of Christchurch have shown incredible resilience throughout this tragedy. The task ahead of us to rebuild the city, and community, is huge. The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal is a way people can make a real difference to people’s lives there.”

The Appeal, which has so far raised just over $18 million, is intended to address the gap between emergency support provided by other charitable agencies, and core government responsibilities.

Donations can be made at www.Quakeappeal.com

The fund will invest in seven categories to restore communities. They are: Heritage and Culture, Sport and Recreation, Education, Spiritual and Faith, Hardship and Relief, Economic Revitalisation, Environment.