5th October 2012

New resource to assist Cantabrians with their financial issues

A booklet to help earthquake-affected Canterbury residents clarify and manage their financial issues and options has been launched by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income.

Understanding Your Financial Situation and Options - after the Canterbury earthquakes is the second booklet developed by the Commission and funded by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust. The Red Zone Financial Decision Guide was launched in October last year and has been well received by red zone residents.

Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan acknowledges that thousands of Cantabrians are under a huge amount of pressure and feeling financially stressed as they face difficult financial decisions.

“We know Cantabrians are coping with increased costs following the earthquakes – with many having to meet mortgage and rates payments as well as pay for temporary accommodation. They’re facing some very difficult financial issues and decisions around repairing and rebuilding their homes and are understandably wondering about the future.

“The booklet has been designed to help people clarify and manage their financial situations. The tailored information will help residents work through their financial options, and it provides them with tools, information and quick tips from experts to help them manage. It also gives guidance about who to talk to and where to get financial advice,” she says.

The booklet is available from CERA earthquake hubs and other government agencies and community organisations in Canterbury as well as online at: www.sorted.org.nz/canterbury