11 April 2013

Permanent Mt Pleasant community centre receives $500,000 from ChristchurchMt Pleasant Concept image.png Earthquake Appeal Trust

The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust is granting $500,000 towards a permanent rebuild of the Mt Pleasant Memorial Community Centre which was demolished in May 2012 after sustaining severe damage in the 22 February and subsequent earthquakes.

From late 2014 the Association hopes again to be able to host a huge range of community activities including pottery, karate, art, playgroups and holiday programmes, yoga, dancing and needlework in a new centre, as well as provide a permanent home for the Farmers market and the Residents Association.
Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust Dr Rod Carr says “the community centre has been an important hub for the people of Mt Pleasant for nearly sixty years. The Trustees are pleased to contribute these first funds towards a permanent building to help the Mt Pleasant community’s long-term recovery from the earthquakes.”

The community-owned Mt Pleasant Community Centre met the Appeal Trust principles for funds, in particular that it addresses multiple needs with one solution, has good stakeholder collaboration, does not duplicate the activities of other relief agencies, and is proposed by a capable organisation.

The Mt Pleasant Residents' Association President, Jocelyn Papprill is thrilled with the grant from the Appeal Trust. “It is both a significant boost for our community's morale and to our rebuild funds. This grant together with our insurance payout and other fundraising means we are now on our way to raising the money we need to complete the project. We can't thank the Trust enough!”

Concept plans for a new expanded building include a dedicated dance/yoga/martial arts studio, a working pottery space, multiple use meeting rooms and a community lounge together with quality kitchen facilities and permanent support for the Farmers market. This new building will be much more than a community centre, says community coordinator Linda Rutland, “it will be the village base that we have never had”.

The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal raised over $100 million. To date the Appeal Trust has approved $61 million for projects, while a further $8 million has been pledged for specific purposes and projects. Projects funded to date include: water attractions at the new CCC sports centre for the eastern suburbs; Kaiapoi repairing walkways, cycle ways and other public amenities along the Kaiapoi River; ICT equipment for primary school children; restoration of the Arts Centre; the Re:START mall; the Temporary AMI Stadium; St John emergency equipment; Isaac Theatre Royal; repairing sports fields and netball/tennis courts, temporary Pools in Schoolz.

A full list of projects funded by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust is available here.