Earthquake Trust Advisory Board members announced

Members of the Advisory Board to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust have been appointed by the trustees.

The Trust is to provide charitable relief to the Christchurch and Canterbury community from the effects of the recent earthquakes and aftershocks. It will distribute money from the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, established by the government. All money raised goes to Canterbury.

The trust has established the advisory board to ensure its decision-making is informed by the community’s perspective.

Jane Huria, David Close, Ros Burdon, Justin Murray, Tane Norton and Pamela Richardson have been appointed to the advisory board. Other members may be appointed later.

The advisory board members will not advocate for a particular interest group or take responsibility for a particular category of distribution. Rather, they have been chosen as respected Christchurch and Canterbury people who together have experience, interests and knowledge that will help the trustees.

Advisory Board members will not be paid, but reasonable expenses will be met by the government.