30 September 2011

Earthquake Appeal Trust support initiatives for children

The latest announcements from the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust (the Trust) support a range of initiatives for children in Christchurch – from school uniforms to study centres and hardship assistance.

The Trust has announced $356,000 of disbursements in partnership with the American New Zealand Association (ANZA).

“The donations from ANZA have been directed to specific projects based on the wishes of donors from across America’” says Trustee Dr Rod Carr.

“So far, ANZA has made thirteen allocations to a range of projects in partnership with the Appeal Trust. This includes funds for children in need of school uniforms, contributions to the cost of establishing study centres, school outreach programs with the University of Canterbury, and a grant to Cholmondeley Children’s Home which supports children during short stays while families are experiencing difficulties.

“The Trust is pleased to be able to facilitate the use of generous donations from America, and would like to thank the America New Zealand Association for their ongoing support.”

ANZA chairman Ian Philips says, ”We established a fundraising campaign in February to assist Christchurch with relief and rebuilding efforts. Donations have come from general fundraising, events across the USA, and through nominated donations from individuals.

“To date we have committed funds to nine schools in the Christchurch area, and are currently looking at projects for another seven schools. These projects are large and small, but have been identified as helping the particular needs of these schools to help the students with learning, and morale assistance.”

Education is one of the key categories of investment for the Appeal Trust, and funding in this area is to ensure that children continue to have access to educational and skill development opportunities, despite the disruption that the earthquakes have caused.

ANZA has donated $500,000 to the Appeal and is working with the Ministry of Education and the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust to identify further projects that American donors would like to support.



America New Zealand Association directed allocations:

  • $50,000 to Cholmondeley Children’s Home towards an Adventure Based Learning Programme
  • $94,000 to establish a ongoing student scholarship with the Christchurch Cathedral Choir Educational Trust
  • $10,000 to support the successful Linwood College Orchestra Tour
  • $20,000 for school uniforms for needy children at four secondary schools (Avonside Girls’ High School, Shirley Boy’s High School, Linwood College, and Aranui High School)
  • $81,000 for provision of equipment and tuition assistance at St Paul’s School
  • $31,000 for hardship assistance and children transportation help at Freeville School
  • $50,000 to support 3 outreach programmes for children at low decile schools, designed and operated by the University of Canterbury
  • $20,000 towards the cost of establishing study centres at three secondary schools (Papanui High School, Linwood High School, and Shirley Boy’s High School)